10 Things to do on the Fleurieu Peninsula

bush walking at Fleurieu Peninsula

Top 10 Things to do on the Fleurieu Peninsula

The Fleurieu Peninsula is an amazing place to spend some time. No matter what kind of thing you like to do on your trips you are sure to have an unbelievably good time while you are here.

Learn How to Surf

Do you long to be able to get out on the waves and get surfing? This is an ideal part of Australia for learning this terrific sport, like affordable surf schools Adelaide and welcoming waters waiting for you here.’ 

Take a Boat Tour

A sightseeing trip out on a boat is never dull in as exciting a place as the Fleurieu Peninsula. This is a fine way to see a lot of the area and have a good time without making too much of an effort.

Get Your Adrenalin Pumping

For a lot of people, travelling to the Fleurieu Peninsula means a chance to get their adrenalin pumping. This is a wonderful base for a trip involving sky diving, helicopter trips or hot air ballooning, among other exciting adventures.

Go to a Festival

The region is also famous for its many festivals, such as Goolwa Alive, Spring Affair and Fleurieu Folk Festival.

Enjoy Some Wine

Of course, few visitors will want to leave without having sampled some of the delicious wines that are produced around here. There are many famous wines and wine growing regions in this part of Australia and trying some varieties is a treat not to be missed. These amazing winery tours will surely complete your adventure in Fleurieu Peninsula.

Check out the Art

The Fleurieu Peninsula has a strong artistic heritage that is carried on in modern times with the likes of the Fleurieu Art Prize. The local art scene is vibrant and there are always events or galleries for visitors to go and check out.

See the Whales

One of the great pleasures of visiting this area is that it is a top place in which to see whales. These beautiful, graceful beasts offer some of the most awe inspiring spectacles in the natural world.

Go for a Walk

Maybe the outstanding natural beauty of the region will encourage you to simply go for a walk. If it does then you won’t regret doing this. If you want something more exhilarating than a gentle stroll round the local beauty spots then what about getting involved in some bush walking along the outstanding Heysen Trail?

Ride a Horse

If walking isn’t for you then what about getting on a horse and seeing the area in this way? It certainly makes for a memorable way of getting around and enjoying some time in this unforgettable part of Australia.

Relax on the Sand

Finally, if some of the previous points sound a bit too energetic for you then what about heading down to the water and soaking up some sun while relaxing on the sand? This makes for a very special day without making any effort.