SA Skydiving

skydive in South Australia

Surprise…your jumping out of a plane in 10 minutes for your birthday. Whoooh what a birthday rush this was.  I was given a tandem sky jump with SA Skydiving at Langhorne Creek as a present.

After the initial shock of the situation sunk in the excitement and adrenalin began to build. Within 20 minutes we were in a plane sky ward bound for a 8000ft jump.

As the little plane began its slow crawl to 8000ft, I had time to pick out the familiar land marks of the River Murray, the Goolwa Barrage, the stunning Canoe Coorong, Hindmarsh Island and my parents home; and remark on the stunning vista of the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

One, Two, Three …jump! Before I could get to four we were out the side door and in the air. Oh what a rush. The sound of the wind whipping past your face as you enjoy the sheer adrenalin of 20 or so seconds of free fall. The heart skips a beat or two that is for sure! What an incredible feeling to be weightless and falling so so fast. The ground seems to rush up to meet you at a tremendous speed.

The free-falling is soon replaced with a majestic parachute that floats you across the breeze with such easy. My instructor then does the unthinkable and offers me the reins to drive this amazing sail. To be in control of the parachutes dips and twists is just surreal. We scooted over the river murry, taking a closer look at the beautiful Coorong before making a beeline for our landing pad back at aerodrome.  This was one of my favourite adventure activities in Adelaide.  The experienced was superb.

I found the adventure in my own back yard, SA SKYDIVE!