Bi-Plane Waco Ride

Bi Plane Waco Ride

Bi Plane Waco Ride

Aside from great surf lessons in Moana, riding in a Biplane is a must. As a fresh faced bride, my husband and I set of to Aldinga to enjoy our wedding gift of a ride in a  1930’s Waco biplane.

With a warm welcome from staff at the quaint café/reception on the edge of the airfield our adventure started. With a safety pep talk from the pilot, coffee in our bellies and the old fashioned leather flying cap equipped with modern communication gear we were ready to part take in our scenic flight.

The atmosphere created with the old fashioned flight gear and the prime position in the front seat of the cockpit is surreal. And this is all before take off!

With a roar the beautiful bi-plane comes to life thus starting the flight adventure. Up and away over the spectacular McLaren Vale vine yards as we make a bee-line for the coast. Words can not describe the view of the Fleurieu Peninsula’s gorgeous beaches, cliff tops, and pastoral lands.  It is so majestic and peaceful from 300m above.

As the end of our flight drew close our pilot showed off his skills with some wingovers that left us feeling light hearted and childlike.

This is one of the amazing activities in Adelaide that would appeal to the youngest and oldest adventure seekers alike. The view is just incredible!